Thursday, May 8, 2014

Winner Winner...chicken dinner...well not quite

Ever had one of those weeks where you are crazy busy but don't seem to get anything done.  That has been me.  Yes I have gotten lots done and you'll see some of it tomorrow, but for some reason I'm doing things not on my list, so I don't get to mark anything off of my list of To-Dos. But today I'm going to get something done and that is announce the winner of the Every Which Way Pattern.

I used a Random number generator to pick the winner and the number chosen was

Which means Connie Cain wins.  And let me tell you she has a very cool middle name.  I know it is cool because it is also my middle name (hehehe).  I will be emailing her the details shortly.  If love the pattern then you can get it HERE.  I will be back tomorrow to show you my finishes (yes if all goes well there will be 2!!!).


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