Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Finish - 02/03/17

I showed ya'll a hint of this finish on Sunday, but was I smart enough to get pictures of it before it turned cold, no I wasn't. I should have taken it outside on Sunday and photographed it since it was in the 70's no I wait until this morning when it is cloudy and 37 degrees.

The pattern is called City Streets and the fabric line is Ticklish by Me and My Sister Designs. Everything was purchased for this before Hollywood joined the family or I'm pretty sure Sharla wouldn't have selected white for the sashing. I'm sure this one won't stay on her bed during the rainy season. Sharla's January goal was to finish this top and she got it done on she squeaked in under the line.

The overcast sky work well for photographing the quilt because with as much white as is in it, the sun would have washed it out. But the wind really played with it. I struggled to get a good photo with it all laying flat. The wind kept picking it up and making it dance.

This is a very easy pattern using a layer cake and the fabric for the sashing. I plan on making one using this pattern as well, but my sashing is a dark purple.  But it is much further down on my list. Sharla purchased the fabric for this in 2013, so it is one of her older projects. Now I just have to get some white batting and hopefully get it quilted. But before it gets quilted I have to quilt Mecca's quilt, which also needs white batting. I got the narrower side clamps yesterday, so hopefully I can start moving ahead with Mecca's again.

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  1. Nice pattern for multiple fabrics. Claire aka Knitnkwilt

  2. This is beautifully done! The simplicity of the pattern really showcases those happy prints!

  3. I love the colours and the whole quilt makes me feel very happy.

  4. What a bright and fun quilt top. I'm glad to hear you got your clamps and hope you have fun quilting. :)

  5. Great colour scheme. I know all too well the problem with wind.


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