Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Stash - 02/19/17

It is a slippery slope when you fall off the wagon. I had a good reason for my purchase last week and I've justified to myself my purchase for this week. Ok I realize I might be exaggerating just a little, but hey we have to have a little fun in life.

Sadly I didn't have any finishes this week.  I made a lot of progress on Mecca's quilt, and should finish the quilting on it today, but I just couldn't finish it yesterday. So I will have a big used number next week because none of it has been counted as used in the past. Plus Sharla is working hard on her Summerfest top and hopefully will finish it before next week.

Now on to where I slipped. When I finished my cross quilt last week, I pulled out the project I have slated for March. It is a layer cake of 2WENTY-THR3E, which I've had for a while. My plan was to combine it with a solid charm pack and make the Easy Bricks Quilt by Amy Smart. I had a white charm pack and a  natural charm pack and I thought one of those would work. But the white was too white and the cream too dark. So I went through our new Bella Solids card and found Etchings Slate that looks really good with layer cake. So then I had to decide do I stay with the brick pattern or do something different. I laid out the fabric in the City Streets pattern Sharla used earlier this year and I really liked it. Here is the EQ layout.

So I ordered enough fabric to be the sashing and for the binding. I know I won't start on it until I finish Mecca's quilt and pillow shams, but I wanted to have everything here so I would be ready. The fabric by itself isn't all that wonderful, but add the pinks, yellows and oranges in the layer cake and it really makes them pop.

I also had to buy some more fabric for Mecca's pillow shams, but that won't be here until next week. I'm happy that for the most part my purchases have been to complete projects, not new projects. So my week's numbers are

Fabric Used this Week: 0
Fabric Used year to Date: 37 7/8 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 4 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 6 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 31 7/8 yards used

I'm going to finish quilting Mecca's quilt today if it kills me, I'm so close it isn't even funny and then I'm going to start piecing what I can on the pillow shams. Those won't get finished because the extra fabric won't be here until Tuesday, but I can get as much done on them as possible. I will be linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times - Sunday Stash and Sunday Stash #216 with Molli Sparkles. And I will see ya'll next week when I hopefully have some big numbers to show!!!!


  1. The slate really does show off the colors of the layer cake well. Sometimes you have to buy fabric to use fabric, and it seems you are being very sensible about your purchases. I look forward to seeing how Mecca's quilt finishes!

  2. Even with your falling off the wagon, your used numbers for the year are good. The new layer cake will make those other colors sparkle. Good choice.

  3. I like your plan for City Streets, that fabric does work really well as the sashing. Even with your purchases, you are still in the black. Sometimes you have to buy a little to use a little. Happy stitching this week.


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