Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Texas Road Trip QAL - Finished Top

Ok to be honest it is not totally finished.  I want to put a couple of borders on it, and I just can't decide what I want.  But even saying that, the Texas part is done!!!!  I used Alison Glass' Sun Prints line for the fabric and Kona Ash as the background.  I love those sun prints, they are just beautiful.  I also did not do the city blocks.  But I had to do something special for Austin, the capital. But first here it is....

Yes I know it needs to be ironed but I was so excited to have this part done.  Now for borders, I was thinking that I was do a small...2 inch Ash border so that all of the state is inside of the grey.  Then this is where I get unsure.  I had thought to do a solid black border, but the other day I found the fabric for the backing on sale and got enough to do an outer border with it.

The fabric I found was the purple bike print, which I don't think would look good next to a black, but I just can't decide.  My other option would be to a white border, but I think I want something dark to frame everything.  I could look for some of the black bike print fabric.  What do ya'll think?

Now I did do a different block for Austin.  I knew I wanted a star but was having a problem finding exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a 5 point star, paper pieced.  I found a great one on the blog Charly & Ben's Crafty Corner.  So I emailed the wonderful Ruth who writes the blog and asked if she would be willing to share the block.  She not only graciously shared, she re-sized it for me as well. Now don't tell me quilters aren't the nicest people on earth!!  I ended up making the block a little smaller so I could outline it.

Please excuse the chalk I was using that for trimming purposes.  I also make the Dallas block with larger cuts, but since that is my home area, I thought it was only right.  Overall this was such a fun experience.  It was my first QAL, and I'm very happy with the results.  Now to just decide on the borders and soon I will have me a finished Texas quilt.  I am linking up with My Fabric Relish and Pretty Little Quilts and I can't say THANK YOU enough for leading this wonderful QAL.


  1. Looks great, and how nice of Ruth to help out! I think framing the quilt with ash is a great idea, and then I would just audition different borders beside the quilt to see what you like!

  2. It looks so amazing! I have a bundle of those sun prints and now I want to make another one that looks like yours. The background is perfect with those colors:)

  3. Definitely yes to a grey first border to outline the state. After that ... hmmm ... more colour?

  4. Those fabrics are gorgeous! I agree that you definitely need a narrow grey border next. Black seems a little harsh to me... but maybe it would be really striking? I like the purple!

  5. May be you can use a blue border, like the blue in the Texas flag. The quilt looks amazing!


  6. This quilt is amazing! The sun print fabrics are gorgeous. Personally if go with just Kona for my border and maybe black or blue for the binding. I'm sure whatever you end up doing will look good. This quilt has a lot going on so virtually anything goes:)

  7. Beautiful quilt! The sun prints are such gorgeous colours. I love the idea of framing it in ash, with a darker border beyond that. I'm not sure if the black would be too harsh though, maybe a charcoal or some other darker grey? But you can audition and have a ponder! It's fabulous though :)


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