Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, Nov. 20th

Today is the release of the movie "New Moon", does that mean anything to you...well not so much for me. I'm am not a fan of vampires in any form, so I've never gotten into the series. But Kathy of ModernJune Creations has a new kit out today called Irrevocable Love and it is a Twilight theme. All I knew about the series was it was vampires, and the young heroes, seem to take their shirts off a lot. So went through my shirtless young men, hmmmm what am I to do. Of course my backup photo source is Callie, so I called her and asked if she had any shirtless young men photos. She said no, but that she had a young man in her kitchen and she proceeded to tell him to take his shirt off and pose for her. Luckily for me her friend, JQ was willing to help. I think he thinks we're crazy...and he is right. IMPORTANT NOTE: Any family and/or friends reading this blog, do not assume these layouts mean anything about a relationship between Callie and JQ, they are done for the strict purpose of showing off the kit!!!! The kit has some great word art, and I tried to show it off in these layouts.

I didn't put a lot of explanation about the layouts since they are just for fun...and I think I owe JQ a coke for being such a good sport. Thanks so much!!!!

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