Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday June 25th

For those of you interested I think the phone interview went well yesterday. We'll see if they call me back for the third and final interview. I also had a mini interview today at another company. They had me fill out an application, told me the training schedule and then ask about 10 questions. I think they were trying to see who was still intersted in the positions.

Ok on to my layouts. The first one is Callie and Tom at Christmas a couple of years ago. Callie had a thing about getting everyone to "throw the deuces" with her and she got her dad to do it for the camera.

So now onto Cole. This layout has him playing with one of those expandable balls. We got it for him for Christmas years ago, but last summer we had a cookout at Tom and Mecca's house and he pulled it out to entertain a little girl that was there. I love how he climbed inside of it.
This next layout is very simple because it was a homework for my officer's training (the next step after bootcamp). I was showing off my extraction skills. I still liked how it turned out. But then I like simple layouts.

And my last layout I did last night as part of a speed scrap. I had to have on photo per child or pet that I had. I used photos taken Friday after the babies were bathed and groomed. I think I used Cooper's and Zoey's before, but I cropped them different. It was a very straightforward layout and I think it came out well.

Ok that is it for today. Later.....

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