Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday June 13th

Ok, I got behind this week. For a week where I got very little accomplished it has been very busy. Tom and Cole came over Wednesday night to fix part of our fence. Then a storm blew in and knocked down a big section (not what they fixed). So we've had a hole in the fence for several days. Which means we can't let the dogs out with out them being on leashes. And just let me tell you it is a challenge to take them all at once, they want to go in three different directions and trip me with the leashes. But yeah the fence is being replaced today thanks to Tom finding me someone that could do it right away.

Now for some layouts that I've done. The first one is of Cooper, when we put a reindeer coat on him. He really didn't like it because the hood was too big and kept flopping over his eyes. I stuffed the back of it to stop that problem, but he still wasn't happy.

This layout I did for a speed scrap and it was all based on "summer". I chose a picture from our trip to NC in 2000. Cole and Sharla on the ferry carrying us over to Ocracoke. Cole asked today when we'll be going back, and I told him hopefully next summer.

It must be my week to do Cooper. I did another speed scrap and used him. I love this series of photos because it looks like he is laughing. He and Sharla were laying on the couch and she was "aggravating" him. That is what I call it, she calls it playing with him.

Ok it must be Cole day as well. I did this layout for a font challenge. I had to use the "Disney" font which is the capital letter of the title and the "ginga" font which is on the tag. I really didn't care for either font, but I do like the end results. This is Cole in a play in the 6th (I think) grade.

Ok one that isn't Cooper or Cole, it is Callie....mmmm must be a "C" day. This one was setup to include and old and young picture. Since Callie is still young, it has a very young and young photo. She looks good in least to me...well she looks good to me in anything.

That's it for today. More later.

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