Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zoey is my friend

I had a new bed partner last night and her name was Zoey Girl. Mom said she was upset by the storm and Mom had held her for quite a while. Then Zoey jumped down and went to the door like she needed to go potty. So Mom opened the door, but instead of heading to the back door, Zoey make a beeline for my room, my bed and me. Tucker heard her and was barking like crazy, but she ignored him and shot straight to me and curled up in the crook of my arm.

This is the first time we've had a storm since we got Zoey, so we didn't know how she would react. I now know that she wants to curl up next to you until it is over, and I let her. I was a little surprised that she ran to me and not Sharla, because Sharla is her buddy. But I wasn't turning her away. So I went to sleep with Zoey curled up in front of me and Tucker butted up against the back of me. Yep I was in heaven.

In the night Cooper joined the mix, so when I got up this morning it was the four of us all together. After breakfast, Zoey has been going to Sharla's room to lay on Sharla's fuzzy red blanket, but today she stayed with me. She luuuvvvvvsssss me. Ok so maybe I'm just the comfort nana, but I'll take it.

We've had Zoey for two weeks now, and yesterday Sharla walked all three dogs at the same time and they didn't snap or growl at each other at all. I'm not sure they are going to be best friends anytime soon, but I do think they are beginning to accept each other.

It should be interesting to see where Zoey tries to go to sleep tonight. Don't tell Mom if she sneaks into my bed (hehehe).

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