Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm so happy again!!!!

About a month ago, Sharla and I took Mom to a memorial service for one of her cousins. As we were leaving the church, I noticed the steeple against the bright blue sky and thought, "I should take a picture of that". So I whipped out my handy dandy panasonic camera, which I carry everywhere with me and took a couple of pictures. Even showed them to Sharla on the viewfinder. Then we headed home. A couple of days later I thought I need to download those photos, so I went to take my camera out and it was not in my purse. Ohh well it must have fallen out in the van, but then I checked the van and it wasn't there. So I searched my bedroom, thinking it may have fallen out, the garage, the car again, but alas my camera was gone. And I love that camera, it was small enough to carry anywhere, but still had a great zoom and took good pictures. I moped around, pouted and just grumbled, and then decided to buy a new one. I looked and most places were out of stock on the lastest version of the camera. Then I found out why, a new model is due out in April. The new model is even cooler than mine, but is also about $130 more expensive. So I was debating do I try to find the current model on close out somewhere or wait.

Then last night as we were headed to the checkout line at Costco, I stopped to look at their cameras and they had the current model on sale for $70 off, that meant it would be about $200 less than the new model. So I bought it. Yeah I have a camera again.

Hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures here, but until then you can always check out my flickr site htttp://www.flickr.com/tomosia

That's it for today.

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