Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday Stash - 05/28/17

Well, there hasn't been a lot going on around Shauna's World this week. Ok, maybe just not blog worthy stuff. Sharla and I have been continuing with the #100days100blocks2017 and so far we've managed to post every day. As of yesterday there have been 21 blocks posted which means we are over 20% done. We are both very happy with our blocks, and I can't wait to get them up on a design wall.  Here are mine for the week.

And here are Sharla's for the week.

It is so cool that we are using the same pattern but they look so very different. We are both trying to work ahead, so that if something comes up we don't get behind. As of today I will have almost 50 blocks done and I think Sharla is at 35 or 36. It is moving along quickly.

For my #MayIsForMakers2017 pattern I found a very cool pattern called Flight Club by Hunter's Design Studio. It is flying geese, that look improvisational, but aren't. Which works for me, because I struggle with improv. I also love that it can use fat quarters, quarter yards or just scraps.

Now it is time to talk numbers, but to be honest there isn't anything new to report. No finishes and no purchases. Sharla is very close to finishing her True Colors quilt and I expect to show it next week, but as of right now, we are sitting where we were last week. Which I'm thinking is ok. I'm hoping to start of my June project this weekend, which is Hollywood's zombie quilt, so who knows maybe we will have two to report next week.

Fabric Used this Week: 6 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 111  yards
Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 68 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 43 yards used

That is it for this week. I will be linking up with quiltpaintcreate. I hope each of you has a very wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and please remember that it isn't about a three day weekend, it is a time to remember those brave men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedom.


  1. It's hard to believe that you are already over 20% done with the 100 blocks challenge - it does go by quickly. Happy Memorial Day to you and Sharla.

  2. Y'all are having a VERY productive year! I am so very impressed.

  3. I am loving how your blocks are turning out!

  4. The black fabrics with white dot gives your blocks some really cool movement. Love it!

  5. Very fun blocks. I love seeing how different fabric choices affect the look of a block. Happy stitching this week.


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