Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Lovely Year Of Finishes: November Goals

I could just copy my goals from October to November, but that would be too easy and too lazy for even me.  Plus I'm going to change up things just a little.  I have a lot I have to get done between now and the end of the month, I know I won't get it all done, but hopefully at least some of it.

1.  Finish my Looking Glass test quilt.  I want to get the top completed, and if all possible it quilted as well.  I have all the fabric cut, and am in the process of piecing the blocks.  If all goes well the top will be done by this weekend.  Here are the fabrics I chose.

2. Finish at least 2 of the memory quilts.  I still struggle to work on these.  I make progress and then I stop.  The deadline I set for myself is fast approaching, so I have to get myself in gear and soon. This is what I have done so far.

3. Quilt 3 quilts and bind them.  Now the most likely three would be two memory quilts and my Looking Glass quilt, but I have a stash of quilts I need to quilt, so it could be any three. But I am really looking forward to quilting this one, because it is the biggest top I have and will almost work as a bed quilt.

4. Complete my bee blocks and get them into the mail.  This month we're doing bow tie blocks.

Now that is where I'm going to stop, do I have more to do, you bet. But if I complete the above list I will be very very happy.  If I get more done, it will be even better.   I am linking up with Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of BitterSweet Designs.


  1. Are you doing anything special working with the memory quilt shirt fabrics? I might be wanting / needing to make a few memory quilts soon and was wondering if you have any tips.

    Your Looking Glass fabric pull is beautiful! :)

  2. That is a lot for one month! Good luck!

  3. I love your fabrics for Looking Glass, I can't wait to see the quilt top :)


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